Preparing Your Michigan License Appeal Hearing

Before attending your driver’s license appeal hearing, preparation is absolutely crucial. Not being able to commute to work, drive to class, or conduct day-to-day activities can make your life more difficult. While the stress of trying to regain your driving privileges back can be daunting, proper preparation can help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

The following are several tips to take to file a hearing and get your driver’s license back:

  1. Seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney. It is unwise to go into a hearing without any legal representation. A local lawyer who has experience in driver’s license appeal hearings understand the intricacies of the system and has developed close relationships with law enforcement and judges. Having skilled legal assistance can increase your chances of being successful in your hearings.
  2. Contact a substance abuse counselor. After hiring an attorney, you will need an official evaluation from a licensed professional—to prove that you’ve honored the state of Michigan’s request to be abstinent from alcohol or drugs. If you aren’t seeing a substance abuse counselor already, your lawyer can help you find one who can help you win your driving privileges back.
  3. Gather notarized letters from people in your life. You will need three to six letter from other people explaining how you’ve made improvements in your life by remaining abstinent since your license was suspended. According to the Secretary of State, you may seek help from immediate family members, other relatives, friends, employers, neighbors, local police, and peers.

Once these things are taken care of, you are ready to petition for an appeal hearing. As soon as the date is set, your attorney will continue to help you prepare even more for your hearing.

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