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Just Got a DUI? What to Expect

It's frightening to be arrested for DUI in Michigan, so you want real information and not a lot of fluff. If it's your first offense, you don't have to go to jail. You also don't have to lose your driver's license or your job unless having a clean driving record is a requirement. Life doesn't have to end here. Yes, if it is the second or third time you've been charged, that complicates the case. Nonetheless, having a criminal defense attorney well-versed in DUI makes a significant difference in the outcome of the case.

What Happens to Your License?

One of the primary worries, when charged with DUI, is what will happen with your driver's license. Indeed, you can immediately lose your license. However, the right legal countermeasures can result in the retention of your license. These measures must be taken quickly because the first DMV suspension hearing will occur just days after the DUI arrest.

If your license is suspended, you might be able to get a hardship license or a restricted license. This would be the next best thing to immediate intervention, especially if you didn't quickly get an attorney.

Will You Go to Jail?

Another huge worry is whether there will be jail time. A first offense DUI in Michigan has the potential of resulting in up to 93 days in jail, but it's possible to avoid this penalty. It's when the DUI is a subsequent offense that jail time becomes part of the group of penalties. Of course, the DUI arrest will result in you having to at least go to the jail to be booked regardless of how many previous offenses you have.

If you have had a previous offense within the past seven years or any prior convictions, a judge can decide to impose a jail sentence if convicted. Additional aggravating factors, such as having a blood alcohol concentration of .17 or having minors in the vehicle at the time of the offense, can lead to jail time.

Michigan DUI Fines and Additional Penalties

One penalty that everyone convicted of a DUI has dealt with is the monetary one. You could be responsible for fines ranging from $100 to $500. You might even have to serve 365 hours of community service. If you retain your driving privileges, the court might order an ignition interlock device to be installed in your vehicle. This device forces you to take breath tests while on the road to keep the car in operation. You're also responsible for the costs relating to the installation of this device.

Contact An Okemos Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI, it's imperative to talk to an Okemos criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. You shouldn't have to face the charges alone because doing so could result in penalties that you shouldn't have to pay.

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