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Why Drunk Driving Spikes During the Holidays

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Does Drunk Driving Spike During Holidays?

Drunk driving is a crime that does occur regularly, but often the number of arrests elevates during the holiday season. While this does happen due to more people going to holiday parties or eating out more often, the numbers also increase because law enforcement agencies are more focused on stopping drunk driving during the holidays. Even those who are under the influence of prescription drugs or illegal substances can still be arrested and cited in certain instances. Regardless of the case details, it always takes an experienced Okemos criminal defense attorney for an acceptable outcome to a DUI charge.

Social Events

There is indeed an increase in the number of social events during the holidays. This begins with Halloween and continues until New Year's Eve, all of which are known to be heavy drinking holidays. And even those who consume moderate amounts of alcohol or other substances and then drive are still subject to a citation for reckless driving or even a DUI charge that must be defended. Many charges are filed based on evidence of blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) levels, but alcohol is not the only substance that can result in an impaired driving citation. These are all common following social events.

Law Enforcement Awareness

Law enforcement agencies also know that the holidays are the prevalent time of year for impaired or drunk driving. Just as they do in the summer, local police departments and state police work together in programs designed specifically to stop intoxicated driving on the highways. Traffic stops are common, even though they must be advertised. Many people get caught in the various roadblocks conducted by police authorities. Judges also tend to be very serious when DUIs are filed around the holidays because they are assuredly aware of the focus of all law enforcement departments.

Charged with a DUI? We Can Help.

It is important to remember that driving under the influence is still a crime and that those who are convicted will suffer long-term consequences. If you or a loved one gets charged with a DUI this holiday season, call (517) 316-1195 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.