Penalties for Violating MI Work Zone Laws

Why You Should Slow Down in Construction Zones

When road workers are doing their jobs, motorists must do theirs by driving extra carefully. The State of Michigan is cracking down on distracted drivers and speeders in construction zones because such behaviors have resulted in workers’ injuries and deaths. The laws and penalties for driving through work zones in Michigan are strict because people’s lives are at stake and too many preventable accidents have occurred already.

Thus, our Okemos driver’s license restoration attorneys advise you to read the following information to best avoid losing your driving privileges and worse, injuring or killing someone.

Work Zone Safety Violation Penalties

Michigan motorists can suffer doubled fines and more points added to their driving record for speeding in work zones. A convicted driver may suffer the following:

  • 3 points for speeding 10 mph or less over the posted limit.
  • 4 points for speeding more than 10 mph but not more than 15 mph over the limit.
  • 5 points for speeding more than 15 mph over the limit.

If you have 12 or more points within two years will be required to participate in a driver assessment reexamination with the Michigan Secretary of State. Depending on the result, your driver's license may be restricted, suspended or revoked.

As a result of added driving points to your record, your insurance rates may increase. Michigan insurers can add a surcharge to your insurance policy if you have a poor driving record because they’ll assume you are a high-risk motorist who may cost them more money to protect. Thus, your surcharges will cover the anticipated insurance costs of keeping you on a plan.

Andy’s Law

Public Act 103, known as Andy’s Law, went into effect on October 1, 2001. It originally penalized drivers who killed a road worker with one year in prison and a $7,500 fine. In 2008, Andy’s Law expanded to include fines of $7,500 and 15 years in jail for drivers who kill anyone in a construction work zone, not just road workers.

Further, Andy’s Law makes it easier for driving offenses to suffer “Andy’s Law penalties.” It includes penalties for civil offenses such as careless driving and speeding, as well as crimes such as drunk or reckless driving.

Did You Lose Your Driving Privileges?

It’s fair to say that Michigan does not mess around when it comes to work zone safety. The history of road worker deaths and injuries has encouraged Michigan lawmakers to take driving penalties to the next level to best prevent future fatalities and suffering.

Your driving privileges will likely be suspended or revoked depending on your offense and driving record. As a privilege, driving is one of the first things an Okemos judge will take away from you as a penalty for your work zone safety violation or other traffic offense. As such, you need a dedicated legal team with a collective 60 years of experience to fight for the restoration of your license.­

We understand that your driver’s license is a central part of your daily life, and will work tirelessly to get it back. Reach out to us online or call (517) 316-1195 to learn more!