Why You Need a Lawyer for a Campus Sexual Assault Case

Sexual assault on campus is a growing stain on many education institutions. As for victims, the pressure to save face and be silent is often too great. However, while there may be a lot at stake, that is all the more reason to pursue justice and peace of mind. Below are all the reasons why you need to hire an attorney for your campus sexual assault case.

The Facts

Unfortunately, campuses across the country are no safer than they were decades ago. Call buttons, rape whistles, and campus police can only do so much, and far too many students fall through the cracks. Because of these shortcomings and the pressure to protect their reputation, many students refuse to report an assault.

In fact, out of the 13% of all students who are victims of sexual assault, only 20% of female students and 32% of nonstudent females will report an assault. These numbers are difficult to come by, and most people are unaware or unwilling to acknowledge how prevalent sexual assault is on campus.

Below are several vital statics related to sexual violence at colleges and universities:

  • Women ages 18-24 are four times more likely to face assault than others
  • Male college students are 78% more likely to be a victim of rape or sexual assault
  • Four out of 5 female students say they chose not to report
  • More than 50% of all college sexual assault cases occur between August and November
  • Only 86% of all sworn campus law enforcement officers have the legal authority to arrest potential rapists off campus
  • 9% of female students stated that they did not report because they don't believe the police would do anything about it

These may seem like ambiguous numbers, but these statistics represent real students, male and female, at real institutions in the United States. Many of them feel helpless – like there is nothing they could do to make a difference. However, they can get help, and so can you.

What Attorneys Can Do

If you are a victim of campus sexual violence, you have legal options. You don't have to rely on telling a professor, coach, campus police officer, or roommate for help. While they may be able to provide much-needed emotional support, an attorney can help you pursue justice.

Attorneys have thorough training and extensive knowledge of the law and how it applies to you. They can provide avenues and strategies that may not be as obvious but are doubly effective. For example, a lawyer can help you build a case and present it directly to the administration.

Most importantly, an attorney can help you file criminal charges. A criminal charge not only puts your case within a legal context, but it will also have a lasting impact on the person(s) who harmed you or a loved one.

Charges and arrests stay on someone's permanent record unless the case is dismissed or dropped. This means that the aggressor will not be able to afford certain privileges and may find employment difficult. In some cases, a formal filing of criminal charges against a student may be enough for them to lose their financial aid.

Take the Power Back

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