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Letters of Reference for Driver’s License Restoration

Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Attorney

If you are seeking to reinstate your driver’s license, you will need to request a hearing with the Administrative Hearings Section (AHS), formerly known as the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD). As part of your driver’s license appeal hearing, the state of Michigan requires that you present reference letters documenting your sobriety.

You may have only one opportunity each year to petition for the restoration of your driver's license and it is that critical your testimonial letters have the maximum impact.

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At White Law PLLC, we possess substantial experience helping clients protect their driving privileges and understand exactly what is on the line. For many people, driving is more than just a convenience—it is central to their livelihood as possessing a valid license is a requirement for numerous jobs.

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What Should a Reference Letter Contain?

The reference letters can allow the AHS to look into an applicant’s life and determine if a driver would present a risk to themselves or others on the road. It is crucial that each letter demonstrates that any drug or alcohol related issues have been dealt with and a petitioner is not at risk for driving under the influence (DUI).

It is highly recommended that all letters are entirely original and not merely a copy of an example or template. Our attorneys can review all documents with you to see that they meet each requirement.

The AHS requires that all letters include:

  • The writer’s relationship to you
  • When you met and how often you see one another
  • Their account of your past drug use
  • If they are aware of your involvement in a treatment program
  • The last time they are aware of you using drugs or alcohol

Who Can Write a Reference Letter?

Your references can come from the people with whom you have the most contact with including family, friends, and coworkers. In fact, it is recommended that your letters come from a variety of different sources. You may want to consider asking members of a support group or neighbors for a reference.

Evidence from a larger cross-section of your life may have a greater impact on the hearing section. The more authentic your references come across, the greater impact they may have. While you may submit up to six letters, you are required to present at least three. Furthermore, all letters must be signed, dated, notarized, and include the contact information of the writer.

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