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Ignition Interlock Violations in Michigan

Michigan Driver's License Restoration Attorneys

In Michigan, if you have an ignition interlock device (IID) installed on your vehicle, a failed test can result in the loss of your driving privileges. This is referred to as a “reinstatement” of the revocation of your license and drivers may have only 14 days to challenge a violation.

It is vital to take action immediately as missing this deadline may forfeit a driver’s right to pursue legal action. Drivers may be facing an uphill battle and securing the services of an experienced attorney can make the vital difference in retaining your license. At White Law PLLC, our Michigan driver's license restoration lawyers can help you fight to make sure your rights are upheld.

Examples of Ignition Interlock Violations

Ignition interlock device violations can stem from:

  • Failed or skipped rolling tests
  • Alleged tampering of a device
  • Attempting to circumvent device use
  • Failing a start-up test

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Common Reasons for Alleged Violations

While IID’s are designed to prevent drunk driving, they have been known to give off false positives for numerous reasons. Unfortunately when this does occur, it is not as simple as making a phone call to explain the situation.

In many cases, individuals who have done nothing wrong do not realize the seriousness of the situation they are in. Drivers are responsible for each and every test and if an IID registers a test has been failed, it will notify the DMV.

Reasons for possible violations include:

  • Loss of power: If your battery unexpectedly dies, or your car is having work performed and loses power, the IID might register the event as an attempt to circumvent use.
  • Your designated driver: You are held responsible for every test which occurs in your vehicle. This means that if your designated driver is not fully sober at the end of the night and fails a test, the IID in your car will still register the event as a violation.
  • Eating while driving: Certain foods with a high yeast content can skew the results of an IID test and if you were not made aware of the specific retest procedures, it could result in a violation.

Get Powerful Representation for IID Violations

If you have received a violation for drunk driving while an interlock ignition device was installed in your vehicle, waste no time in contacting White Law PLLC. Our Michigan driver's license attorneys understand the specific legal issues which lie ahead and can provide effective legal guidance at every step of the process.

The prospect of losing your driving privileges can be tremendously stressful, especially when you depend on them for your day to day responsibilities. Contact our firm today and get more than six decades of collective experience in your corner.

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