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Though most lawsuits involve just one person seeking damages, some types of lawsuits – such as class actions and mass torts – involve a large group of people all affected by the same problem and all seeking damages collectively.

Being involved in a class action or mass tort means that you have suffered an injury or loss alongside several other people. But what is the difference between a class action and a mass tort? The primary difference is in how the plaintiffs are treated. In a class action lawsuit, all the members are represented by a class representative. In a mass tort, on the other hand, each member must prove wrongdoing individually. If you believe you may have a mass tort claim, you might be wondering where to begin. White Law PLLC is here to help you navigate the process and represent you in your fight for justice.

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When Does a Case Become a Mass Tort in Michigan?

In order for a class action to take place, the case must meet certain criteria. Many lawsuits that do not quite meet these requirements become mass torts instead. In a mass tort, it is possible that each individual member experienced slightly varying circumstances. For example, in a defective product mass tort, each individual may have been injured in a different way or experienced varying degrees of injury. This would disqualify the case from being classified as a class action, and instead would qualify it as a mass tort.

Many mass torts arise out of:

  • Medical device injuries
  • Defective drugs
  • Product liability matters
  • Toxic contamination

How to Take Part in a Mass Tort

It is possible that you qualify to take part in a mass tort without even realizing it. However, if you have any reason to believe that you have been wrongfully injured by someone else’s negligence, it is important that you reach out to a personal injury attorney. When you call White Law PLLC and explain your situation during a consultation, we can determine whether or not your case could qualify for a mass tort.

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