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Michigan law prohibits anyone below the age of 21 to consume or possess alcohol. Individuals who do so can be cited for Minor in Possession of Alcohol and face a series of penalties and consequences that can jeopardize a young person's future.

At White Law PLLC, we have represented numerous clients who have faced charges involving Minor in Possession (MIP) of alcohol. We have clients from all across East Lansing and Michigan come to us for help, including college students at Michigan State University (MSU), high school students, and other young people who ended up with charges after attending a party with friends.

Our MIP attorneys understand that there is a lot at stake, such as your future and academic plans. Our main objective is to minimize the collateral effects and give clients an opportunity to continue their lives without the burden of a criminal conviction.

We work closely with judges, prosecutors, and parents to find a solution that is beneficial for our client's long-term future. We always push for a dismissal whenever possible and keep in mind the option for expungement in the future.

What Evidence Does Police Use to Charge MIP?

Police usually maintain a large presence around MSU and off-campus housing neighborhoods due to the area's reputation for loud parties.

When the police arrive or if they stop someone during a traffic stop, they may determine to charge a person with MIP through one of the following ways:

  • If they find you with alcohol in your presence (actual possession) or if you had knowledge of it and ability to take possession (constructive possession)
  • Administering a Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) to show that you have consumed alcohol.
  • Admission from the underage individual that they have consumed any amount of alcohol.

The smart thing to do when confronted by police officers in any of the above scenarios is to avoid making incriminating statements, avoid answering questions, and do not try to explain anything. Do not be so quick to consent to any breath tests without talking to an attorney. Instead, request to contact an Okemos MIP lawyer attorney and discuss with your attorney what you should do next.

What are the Consequences of Minor in Possession of Alcohol in MI?

With minor in possession charges, the consequences can include criminal penalties as well as damaging effects on one's academic career. We can represent clients in criminal matters as well as in matters involving a school's disciplinary committees.

Schools may choose to suspend a student, take away a scholarship, or another disciplinary action. Being able to preserve our client's educational career is important, so we do our best to preserve their opportunities.

Possible consequences of a minor in possession conviction can include:

  • Fines and court costs
  • Alcohol awareness courses
  • Jail
  • Misdemeanor on criminal record

If you are facing a first offense for MIP, new laws passed by the Michigan Senate in March of 2016 (Senate Bills SB 332-333) would make the first offense a civil infraction that is punished with a $100 fine rather than a criminal misdemeanor.

With second, third, or subsequent offenses, you could be facing a criminal misdemeanor on your record record, a fine, probation (jail time if probation is violated), and suspension of your driver's license.

What Are Your Options? Call Our Minor in Possession of Alcohol Lawyers

We carefully analyze all the relevant evidence that is used against our clients, scrutinizing police reports, law enforcement conduct, and circumstances surrounding the arrest.

If you would like to discuss your arrest, speak with a juvenile criminal defense lawyer in Okemos at our law firm. We can review your options and help you find an effective strategy.

Schedule a free consultation today: (517) 316-1195.

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