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Sex crime accusations are some of the most serious offenses that can result in hefty penalties, such as lengthy incarceration periods, steep fines, a criminal record, and registration as a sex offender if convicted.

It is essential that you contact an Okemos sex crime defense lawyer early on in the case to ensure the best possible outcome. If handled skillfully and under the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, some accusations can lead to no charges being field. At White Law PLLC, we have vast experience defending clients through all stages of a sex crime case, from the pre-charge investigation all the way to a trial. Based on Okemos, we are able to represent clients in courts all across Lansing, Ingham County, and Michigan.

Defending Sex-Related Accusations

We have effectively defended clients in a broad range cases involving sex-related offenses, from lower severity charges to the most serious of sex crime accusations. No matter what your case entails, we are committed to fighting for your future and protecting your best interests.

We can defend clients who are facing accusations of any sexual-related offense, including:

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct, including acts of rape, statutory rape, date rape, child molestation, sexual assault, and more. Such crimes are punished heavily and usually require registration on Michigan's sex offender registry.
  • Internet Sex Crimes, including child pornography, solicitation, and other crimes committed using the internet (often involving minors).
  • Sex Offender Registry Violation for convicted sex offenders who have failed to register or violated the rules of the sex offender registry, such as not updating addresses or failing to abide by school safety zones.

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With sex crime cases, there is a lot at stake. Learn your rights and options as soon as possible, whether you have been arrested or about to be arrested. Our Okemos criminal defense attorneys lawyers are here to guide you through these stressful times.

Contact our office at (517) 316-1195 and let's discuss your situation.

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  • People v. R.M. Homicide Charges Dismissed
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  • Felony Charges Charges dismissed
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