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Restricted Driver’s Licenses in Michigan

Okemos Restricted Driver’s License Attorney

For many people, spending time in jail or paying high fines after being convicted of a driving-related criminal offense is not nearly as bad as losing their driver’s license. A suspension or revocation will severely limit someone from performing necessary daily tasks, as it virtually eliminates their freedom of mobility.

In many driving under the influence (DUI) cases, the removal of the driver’s ability to use their own vehicle arguably does not fit the elements of the alleged crime. A restricted driver’s license might be the only way to ease the consequences.

You will need to fight to drive again. Contact our Michigan restricted driver’s license lawyer & talk about gaining a restricted driver’s license.

Completing Necessary Trips

The argument can be made that essentially anyone who has a car, either on lease or fully purchased, needs that vehicle. When the criminal justice system or the Secretary of State’s department in Michigan decides to remove a person’s driver’s license, the true consequences of that action are often overlooked, or entirely ignored. At White Law PLLC, our Okemos restricted license attorneys fight diligently to ease the burdens the law imposes and help our clients get a restricted license when no other options are available.

With a restricted driver’s license, you will be able to drive to:

  • Your place of employment
  • Your children’s school
  • Hospitals during medical emergencies
  • Your home from anywhere

It is important to keep a copy of your typical day-to-day schedule in your vehicle after you receive a restricted driver’s license. If you are pulled over and the police officer finds that you have a restricted license, they inquire where you are coming from and where you are going.

With a clearly organized schedule at the ready, you can show that you were completing a necessary errands and, hopefully, be allowed to continue on your way without additional complication. Remember: driving without a license or driving to unapproved areas with a restricted license is a crime.

Your Freedom of Mobility Needs You to Defend It

After you lose your license to suspension or revocation, you should start to think at once how you can restore it. Our Michigan driver’s license restoration attorneys are devoted to helping you get your life back together after an unforeseen legal misstep.

With more than 60 years of collective legal experience, you can trust in our ability to fairly and aggressively represent you when facing down the scrutiny of the criminal justice system.

Seeking to gain a restricted driver's license? Call (517) 316-1195 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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