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Substance Abuse Evaluation

Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Attorney

When your driver’s license is suspended or revoked in Michigan due to any charge or incident involving drugs or alcohol, the process of having it restored can become considerably more complicated. In particular, a substance abuse evaluation will be required of you. The purpose of this test is to gauge whether or not you will likely repeat the offense that led to your license suspension in the first place.

At White Law PLLC, our Michigan driver’s license lawyers understand what the evaluation process entails and what the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles will expect of you. Allow us to represent you during this intricate process so you can maximize your chances of getting your freedom of mobility back.

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What to Include on Evaluation Forms

Recidivism, or a person’s likelihood of committing one crime multiple times throughout their lives, is a major area of concern in Michigan. Recent statistics of driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol charges on the rise has not helped loosen the state’s policies. As a result, mandatory substance abuse evaluation forms have become more prevalent and more detailed.

Some of the information required on a substance abuse evaluation form includes:

  • Any reported history of treatments or relapse
  • Complete criminal record of substance-related crimes
  • Attendance to substance abuse support groups
  • Diagnosis from doctors or psychologists
  • Evaluator test results or prognoses
  • Future support requirements
  • Day-to-day living arrangements that may promote substance abuse
  • Drugs prescribed for medical treatments

Getting References & Professional Support

Beyond just submitting the substance abuse evaluation form with the basic requirements, you should also consider what else you can add to it to strengthen your reputation. Our Michigan driver’s license restoration lawyers can help you work with the professionals in your life to obtain beneficial letters of recommendation and acclaim. The more you can collect, the more likely your DAAD/DLAD hearings will proceed in your favor.

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