Michigan Lawmakers Seek to Repeal Strange Laws

Michigan legislators are moving forward today with attempts to repeal multiple state laws that are viewed as outdated and strange.

Some of the proposed changes include repealing:

  • A law outlawing swearing in the presence of women and children. This is currently considered a misdemeanor, and violators of the law face up to 90 days in jail and up to a $500 fine.
  • Laws against teasing someone for refusing to participate in a duel, which can carry a fine of up to $750.
  • A law prohibiting the sale of baby chicks, ducklings and rabbits that have been dyed.
  • A law outlawing participation in and promotion of walk-a-thons and other endurance competition events.

The proposed repeal of these laws will go up for vote on April 14th, after legislators return from their two week recess.