Medical Amnesty: What Minors and their Parents Need to Know

While underage drinking in Michigan can result in serious consequences for a minor charged with an offense, there are certain situations that call for help regardless of the threat of legal consequences. If you or your friend consumes too much alcohol and needs medical attention, getting the necessary help is a top priority.

Unfortunately, and sometimes even tragically, minors do not seek medical attention when necessary due to the fear of legal repercussions. It is therefore very important that every college-aged individual be aware of Michigan’s medical amnesty laws.

What is Medical Amnesty?

In order to encourage minors to seek medical help when necessary, the State of Michigan will protect minors from a Minor in Possession charge if they or their friend is:

  1. Sick
  2. Non-responsive
  3. The victim of a sexual assault
  4. Injured

This law was adopted in 2012, in order to remove barriers to minors seeking emergency medical attention. These laws are designed to encourage minors to voluntarily seek help.

While these laws do help alleviate fears of legal action as a result of calling for help, it is important that the person in need or their friend be proactive andcall 911 themselves. If 911 is not called by the individual in need of attention or their friend, MIP charges may still be filed as this type of situation does not qualify protection under Michigan law.

To stay safe, individuals should always stick together with friends they can trust, always have safe transportation to and from events where individuals are drinking alcohol, as well as practice moderation and exercise caution.

Further, it is illegal to purchase or consume alcohol if an individual is under the age of 21 in the State of Michigan, and while Medical Amnesty laws encourage minors to seek help when necessary, it is always advised that minors abstain from alcohol consumption in the first place.

Remember, if you or a friend are in trouble, call 911. Safety is paramount if you or a friend require medical assistance.

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