New Year, New Laws

With the new year comes new changes to Michigan’s laws. Beginning today, Michigan drivers are allowed to present their proof of insurance to police officers on a phone or tablet as opposed to a paper copy during traffic stops. According to Governor Rick Snyder, this law seeks to modernize government and make life a little easier for Michigan residents.

Further, beginning on January 18th, service animals will no longer be denied entry to public spaces, and the State of Michigan will no longer require licensing fees for service animals. Additionally, these animals are now allowed to help treat veterans that were diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Finally, Michigan residents will no longer be able to purchase powdered alcohol, largely due to concerns that consumers will consume more than safe amounts of alcohol and the possibility that drinks could be spiked more easily with these products. Michigan will join states like Louisiana, South Carolina and Vermont in banning powdered alcohol products when the new law takes effect on January 26th.