Don't Do It Alone: Veterans' Treatment Court Focuses on Rehabilitation and Reintegration through a Team Approach

We are appreciative of the service of our veterans. Unfortunately, after returning home from service, many veterans face social and legal challenges, which could lead to criminal charges. Ingham County has created a specialized court that addresses legal issues facing veterans.

The Ingham County Veterans’ Treatment Court is a problem-solving court for veterans that was established in 2010. As a problem-solving court, the Veterans’ Treatment Court takes into consideration each individual veteran’s unique needs in order to focus on sobriety, recovery, and stability. In addition, each member of the program is partnered with a mentor. Ideally, each participant is matched with a mentor who has served in the same branch of military and has experienced similar struggles. This mentor serves as a coach, facilitator, advisor, advocate, and supporter for each individual participant.

In order to tackle the many obstacles that these veterans face, this specialized court offers additional services to veterans. The court does this by attempting to identify the underlying issues of why the crime occurred in the first place and then assisting the veteran in overcoming those issues. The court assists veterans in securing housing, meals, physical health care, substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, and job placement and training assistance. As a result of this program’s personalized aspects, the Veterans’ Treatment Court has a high success rate of rehabilitation and reintegration into the community.

To be eligible for Veterans’ Treatment Court, a few requirements must be met. First, the individual must be a veteran of the US military. Second, the veteran must be facing criminal charges in Ingham County. If the veteran is a resident of Ingham County, but is facing criminal charges elsewhere, the veteran may still be eligible for this program. Lastly, the veteran must be suffering from substance abuse or mental illness.

White Law PLLC is thankful for the men and woman who have served our country. As a veteran-owned firm, we understand the sacrifices that are made by our service members. If you are a veteran, or you know of a veteran that may qualify for the Ingham County Veteran’s Treatment Court, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced attorneys at: 517-316-1195.