Winter Safety Tips for Michiganders

Given the conditions in Michigan, it makes sense that many personal injury cases revolve around snow and ice. Winters are not only dangerous on the roads, but also on the sidewalks and porches that you walk on every day. A single fall could result in broke bones, a back injury and even a traumatic brain injuries. Protect yourself in the elements with these 5 winter safety tips.

  1. Check the weather: Conditions can rapidly change, so it’s important to be updated on the latest weather. That way, you can adequately prepare for whatever comes. Use your cellphone, TV or radio to keep track.
  2. Increase your traction on the road: When you do decide to venture out in bad weather, ensure that your vehicle is equipped for the road—that means proper traction. Use studded tires, studless traction tires or tire chains to make it easier to drive on snow and ice.
  3. Keep a car safety kit: It should contain a flashlight, batteries, water, a blanket and an extra pair of clothes and gloves.
  4. Wear the correct clothes: Don’t go out into the snow with flip-flops and a tank-top. To avoid slip and fall injuries, make sure to wear boots with a non-slip surface and a thick jacket and pants to break your fall, just in case. Wearing layered clothes will also keep you warm.
  5. Stay hydrated: Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay hydrated. When doing formidable work, such as shoveling snow or cleaning the roof, make sure to take frequent breaks and drink plenty of fluids.

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