6 Tips for Helping Party Guests Avoid a DUI

Now that September has arrived, fall and winter are just around the corner. Many Americans will be celebrating the season with family and friends, surrounded by large amounts of food, alcoholic beverages, and holiday cheer.

Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents and fatalities rise dramatically this time of year, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas time. If you plan on hosting a party during the holidays, make sure you help prevent your guests from driving while intoxicated.

The following are several tips to help your guests avoid driving home drunk:

  1. Coordinate rides. Whether you designate a driver or use a ridesharing app such as Uber or Lyft, there are many easy and affordable ways to help your guests return home without forcing them to drive.
  2. Have them sleepover. Invite your guests to stay with you tonight. You will be able to have peace of mind, knowing that your guests are at risk of getting an OWI.
  3. Have plenty of food available. The holidays and food go hand-in-hand. Eating plenty of food will help guests better absorb alcohol.
  4. Offer alternative drinks. Have water, soda, or juice on hand to help your guests cancel out all of the alcohol they consume.
  5. Cut off the supply of alcohol early. Before the party comes to an end, it is imperative to shut down the alcohol supply or keg. This ensures that guests do not get drunk and then attempt to drive home as soon as the party is over. Give guests a couple of hours without alcohol.
  6. Pay attention to guests. Responsible hosts will pay attention to who is and isn’t drunk. If you do not feel like keeping close tabs, hire a bartender to manage how much your guests drink.

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