Who Is at Fault for My Dog Bite Injury?

When it comes to dog bites, the state of Michigan is a “strict-liability” state, meaning the animal does not need to have a history of aggressive behavior in order to file a claim. According to Michigan statute 287.351, dog owners are liable for bite injuries their pets cause. However, in order to have a valid dog bite injury claim, your case answer yes to a number of questions.

Was the Attack Unprovoked?

Under Michigan’s dog bite statute, you must prove to the court that the attack was unprovoked. You cannot collect damages if the dog was purposefully enraged prior to the attack. This prevents someone from aggravating a dog for the purpose of filing a dog bite claim.

Was the Injury the Result of a Bite?

In order to qualify under the dog bite statute, the injury you sustained must specifically result from a dog bite. The statute does not cover no-bite dog attacks, such as an incident where a dog pushes someone down. Although you cannot claim this type of attack under Michigan’s “strict liability” statue, you can possibly pursue a claim under owner negligence.

Was the Attack in a Public Place, or in Your Private Place?

The bite injury must occur while in a public place, while in your private residence, or while invited to another’s private home. For example, if a dog bites you while at a public park or within your own yard, your case would fall under Michigan’s dog bite statute. However, if a dog bites you upon illegal entry into someone else’s home, you would not have a valid claim.

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