Social Media and Your Sexual Assault Case

How Your Social Media May Affect Your Case

In the current climate of social media and the news, it is not surprising that social media plays a role in sexual assault cases. Attorneys can build character pictures using social media posts, which can be detrimental for both victims and the accused. It is key to understand how your social media posts can be used against you in your case, so that you can avoid potential problems. Our team of Okemos sexual assault lawyers at White Law PLLC can help you build a strong case and can guide you in how to prevent your social media from being detrimental to your case.

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Social Media and Your Case

Victims of assault must remember that defense attorneys will attempt to discredit a victim’s account of an assault by using social media posts, photos or comments made after the incident. In addition, prosecuting attorneys can look for signs of premeditation, or admittance, on social media. Connections can be drawn through check-ins and photos at similar locations.

If you are involved in a case, follow these simple rules:

Pay attention to what you say: Your late-night thoughts may come back to bite you in the morning. Refrain from seeking solidarity or solace on social media if you are involved in a case. If you are sharing information about an assault, and it contradicts what you told the police, that is cause for attorneys to discredit you. In addition, showing signs of vulnerability such as, “One more thing to tell my psychiatrist, or “That was one drink too many,” will not help your case.

Photos tell a different story than you think: If most of your photos are of you partying, especially if you look inebriated or careless, you may want to avoid sharing during your case. Think of photos as an album you are sharing with your elementary school principle or grandparents; share only what is neutral. Unfortunately, people who are against you will pick photos apart and may take things out of context.

Check-ins provide a trail: If you are checking in regularly at local bars, clubs or even the gym, your whereabouts are easily accessible. They may prove connections to the other party or even premeditation or motive. Avoid sharing during your case to be safe.

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If you are the victim of sexual assault, or have been accused of a sex crime, now is the time to think critically about the posts, photos and comments you share on social media. Your case may be dependent on it. Our team of Okemos sexual assault attorneys can help you navigate the social media dos and don’ts and can stand by your side during your case. Don’t face the judge alone, let us fight for you.

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