When Can I Sue a Michigan Driver?

Every state views traffic accident liability in its own way. In some states, investigators look at the facts to determine the fault of each party, splitting the recovery totals based on the percentages. In other states, one party is held responsible for the whole accident if a court finds them at fault for a majority of the crash. In Michigan, neither party is found at fault for the crash, so we adhere to a “no-fault” insurance standard. However, just because we have no-fault insurance, that doesn’t take away your right to pursue a personal injury claim given the right circumstances.

Suing a Michigan Driver

The following circumstances are the only times a person can sue a Michigan driver with an auto negligence claim:

  • The Michigan driver causes an in-state accident in which someone is killed or seriously injured.
  • The plaintiff is not a resident of Michigan and was driving a vehicle not registered in Michigan.
  • The Michigan driver is involved in an accident outside of the state of Michigan.

These scenarios are specific, but a plaintiff can sue a Michigan driver should the situation match one of the criteria mentioned above.

The Necessity of Legal Consultation

If you are a driver injured in an auto accident caused by a Michigan driver, it’s crucial you talk to a professional Michigan personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The court is the one who determines if an injury is severe and worth an auto negligence claim, which means having representation argue your case on the front end is crucial to a successful claim.

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