Behaviors to Look Out for When Adults are with Kids

“Personal space” is considered an imaginary boundary which each person should respect and helps us avoid things that make us feel uncomfortable. When it comes to child sexual abuse, personal space is of utmost importance. Behaviors by adults that continuously disrespect or ignore boundaries make children susceptible to abuse and misconduct.

The following are certain behaviors to keep an eye out for when adults are with children:

  1. Routinely invading personal space – These are adults who make others uncomfortable by disregarding physical, social, and emotional limits and doesn’t allow a child set any of their own boundaries by teasing or using belittling language. They insist on constant touching, holding, hugging, tickling, or kissing a child, even when the child is reluctant to any physical contact. Even frequently walking a child to the bathroom can be seen as an invasion of personal space.
  2. An inappropriate relationship with kids – These are adults who on a child’s physical or emotional comfort. This is the type of behavior normally seen among adults, not between an adult and a child. The engage in secret activities with children, such as games or sharing illicit substances or sexual material. They also insist on spending uninterrupted time alone with a child. Parents should be aware of adults who frequently watch over your child for free, taking children to special outings alone, or buys children gifts for no reason whatsoever.
  3. Sexual conversations – Adults should not constantly show children sexual images or tell adult jokes. They also appear to be extremely interested in the child’s sexuality.

Strong boundaries help prevent abuse. Having a conversation with someone who behaves in these ways is a critical first step to keeping everyone safe.

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