Campus Sexual Assault Safety Tips

Despite a feeling of unity with your fellow students, college campuses are not always as secure as they should be. This feeling of closeness is something the wrong person may take advantage of, recognizing most students have their guard down while at school. Unfortunately, campus sexual assault continues to pervade American colleges and universities. Despite the rise in stricter policies and tougher crackdowns on attackers most perpetrators can walk free, only to commit these heinous crimes once more.

Consider the following on-campus safety tips, to best protect against potential attacks from stalkers or random acts of violence:

  • Guard your privacy on social media, because you never know who is watching. Posting your location is generally unsafe unless you are with a group in a well-lit, well-populated area. Wait until you’ve left to post or disable your location settings.
  • Familiarize yourself with your school’s resources. Universities and colleges generally have a campus police station, numerous emergency phones, and security to escort you when it gets dark. Make the most of these safety measures.
  • Always stay alert even if you feel comfortable in your surroundings. Be aware that your new friend may be offering you a ride, but you don’t actually know them too well.
  • Have a back-up plan in case your phone dies or you are stuck without a ride home.
  • Protect your drink at all times.
  • Get out of a situation if you feel uncomfortable in the slightest. Don’t feel bad about lying if you need to make up an excuse about leaving early or declining an offer. Almost 100% of the time, your instincts are spot on. Listen to them!

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