Why Sexual Abuse Victims Should Pursue Personal Injury Claims

If you are one of the countless individuals who have been attacked by another, you need justice. Your perpetrator may hurt someone else. You can get your freedom back by publicly accusing them in a court of law. That's what personal injury attorneys do. Here are some reasons why you should go forward with your claim:

1. Worst case scenario: You still get to point the finger publicly

Let's face the worst-case scenario together. Even if you don't get the justice that you deserve, you will still be able to face your attacker and point the finger and say, "They did this to me." We have found that nobody regrets this after they have done it. It is a freeing act to perform.

Your justice will be that you made sure that this heinous act did not go unnoticed and that it was brought into the public forum to be judged. Nobody can take that away from you. Nobody can silence your ability to speak up for yourself. We will help you do it legally and safely so that your voice is heard by the people who should hear it the most.

2. You will save and come to the rescue of future victims who could be hurt by this person

By coming forward, you are keeping this person from hurting other people in the future. No matter their age, race, gender or position in life, everyone deserves to be safe and well-cared-for. Nobody deserves to be attacked. By coming forward, you are preventing other people from being hurt like you were.

3. Whether they were convicted, the charges will be on their record... permanently

Even if this person is not convicted of anything, the fact that they were charged with your attack will be a matter of public record. That is a very freeing thought, isn't it?

Their actions will be made public and will be on their police record forever. This way, if any other accusations are made in the future, the police can see that there is a pattern of abuse. The more charges are made against this person, the more the pattern of abuse is continued, and their record will show all of it.

Additionally, if there have been accusations made against them in the past, this will also show up when you charge them with your own attack. All of this can really help the police.

4. Part of the healing process is acknowledging what happened and getting help for it

Eventually, you will heal from this and move on with your life. Facing it head-on and being proactive about getting justice in a safe and legal way are two of the best ways to move your healing forward.

You can get help psychologically and you can get help legally. You should take both courses of action to make sure that you feel safe in this world again.

Part of our jobs is to protect society from people like the person who attacked you. It is our sworn duty to get justice for those who have been attacked. By coming forward, you are making society a better place, a safer place, for everyone. Your personal story matters. You matter.

5. Even if no one believes you... the charges will still be on their record

It's okay if you come across people who don't believe you. We believe you. Some people are skeptical by nature. Some people want more proof. And some are afraid of facing the truth. Whatever the reason, your path ahead may not all be roses and lilies.

However, you can still stand up for yourself, you can still get your power back, and you can still take legal action against them. And even if you encounter naysayers along the way, the matter will still be part of their record.

6. We can be both impassive in the face of a dreadful reality and passionate in the face of your attacker... all for you

We are the professionals when it comes to getting legal justice for you. Let us go about it in two ways: First, we can be calm and impassive when dealing with this horrible mess for you. You don't have to worry about losing face because we will keep your face for you. We will protect and help you in court as best as we can.

Secondly, we can also be passionate about standing up for you. You do not have to muster the strength for this. If there's anything that you do have to do, we will carefully and sensitively walk you through it, every step of the way, small step by small step. We will do the talking and the impassioned speeches for you, should they be necessary. We will be your voice whenever your voice fails in court. Let us help you.

7. Sexual abuse claims are already very rare compared with the reality. This is your chance to make a permanent impact on society by being heard on the matter.

Did you know that only a small percentage of society ever reports a sexual abuse claim? Isn't that sad? We should do something about that. Not everyone can speak up about it because not everyone has been where you have been.

However, you have the power and the strength to report your own attack. That's something special that only you can do.
We will help you. We will back you up and give even more strength and more power to your voice which is already so strong. You can do this. We believe in you.

8. We can consult with you in privacy and safety and we can coach you on how to approach each stage of the process. You're in safe hands.

There will be some steps that will be more emotionally taxing than others. You may have to describe things and put them on the record. You may have to be questioned by their attorneys. We will be in the room with you every step of the way and we will coach you and help you ahead of time so that you are prepared for whatever may come and so that you are not blindsided by an unexpected question.

Don't worry about this. We will prepare you for the unexpected and for the hard questions. We will walk you through it until you are comfortable with your presence and performance in court. Don't worry about any of these things. That's what we're here for.

If you're looking for an Okemos personal injury attorney, look no further. We are the best in our field and we are prepared and happy to have you as a client. All you have to do is call us or come by our offices. An Okemos personal injury attorney is waiting to talk with you or a loved one today.