Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Is Possible!

Criminal charges can result in penalties like jail time, fines, and more. Surprisingly, Michigan criminal convictions can also result in a loss of license or temporary license suspension. If you or a loved one has lost the right to drive, White Law is here to say that a driver’s license restoration may be possible! 

Michigan Driver’s License Restoration

Criminal charges like operating while intoxicated (OWI), reckless driving, and others can result in license revocation or suspension. A loss of license can threaten your job security, your family, and your social life. However, you may be eligible for a driver’s license restoration.

Restoration from Suspension

If your license is suspended after a criminal conviction, your right to drive will be restored after a determined amount of time. However, some people with suspended licenses would like them restored before the stated time. With the help of an experienced driver’s license restoration attorney, you may get your license restored before the set date.

Restoration from Revocation

A revoked license is more difficult to restore than a suspended license, but it is possible. When attempting to restore a revoked license, you will have to attend a Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) hearing. You can only request a DAAD hearing once a year, so it’s crucial to have an experienced restoration attorney by your side when you go to a hearing.

Hardship License

If a court is unwilling to restore your license, you may qualify for a Michigan restricted license.

A restricted license lets you drive to and from essential places such as:

  • Work;
  • Home;
  • School; and
  • Hospitals.

With a restricted license, you’ll have to record and schedule where you drive, as traveling to unapproved places is a crime. Despite this fact, a restricted license is better than no license!

Ready to Fight for Your License?

If you or a loved one have lost the right to drive, it may be time to hire trusted restoration attorney. White Law has experience representing clients in suspended, revoked, and hardship license scenarios, which means you can trust us with your case no matter the circumstances.

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