5 Common Internet Crimes

From shopping and performing work duties to sharing our lives on social media and keeping up with current events, the internet has become an essential part of our daily lives. However, the world wide web also provides various ways for criminals to take advantage of innocent, unsuspecting individuals.

Prosecutors take internet crimes—also known as computer crimes and cybercrimes—seriously, resulting in harsh penalties if convicted. If victims span multiple states, then such crimes can bring federal charges.

The following are the most common internet crimes in the U.S.:

  • Online fraud – From stealing another person’s identity by obtaining their personal information online to catfishing someone by pretending to be someone else, internet fraud refers to the use of the world wide web to defraud people. A common cybercrime is known as phishing, which is a scam that involves asking a person for their personal information.
  • Child pornography – Sexting entails sending sexually suggested text messages or images through cell phones or other electronic devices. While sexting is a common form of flirting among teenagers, it can result in child pornography charges since the crime involves creating, reproducing, or possessing any nude or sexual material of minors.
  • Drug traffickingThe dark web enables individuals to find obscene material, hire a hitman, and purchase narcotics. Drug trafficking and the illegal distribution of prescription drugs often occur online.
  • Online solicitation of a minor – As we mentioned before, catfishing involves pretending to be another person. There are many cases where adults pose as children to start a romantic relationship with a minor. However, law enforcement agencies have conducted sting operations where undercover officers posed as minors online to catch predators.
  • Cyberbullying – While the internet has changed the way we socialize, it has also changed how we bully others. Cyberbullying has led to teen suicides, which is why it is a serious crime in Michigan.

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