Senior Citizens & Personal Injury Claims

Age Isn’t Just a Number in Personal Injury Cases

Unfortunately, personal injury cases are especially challenging for older people. Whether a citizen got injured in a car accident, slip and fall or workplace incident, their age may determine the outcome of their personal injury claim.

According to the 2010 Census, there are roughly 1.3 million seniors in Michigan.

As such, over a million Michigan senior citizens are especially vulnerable to mistreatment and misrepresentation in personal injury cases because they are often looked at as “less valuable” than younger, healthier people. This is wrong and disturbingly unethical, but it’s the sad truth for many personal injury cases involving elderly individuals.

A common reason is that the opposing party’s insurance company may assert that an injured senior citizen had preexisting conditions, therefore, their settlement isn’t worth a significant amount. However, our lawyers believe otherwise. A person’s age shouldn’t discredit the seriousness of their injuries and subsequent compensation.

The insurance company may argue that an injured senior is fragile and more susceptible to serious injuries compared to a younger individual. Essentially, insurance agents may blame a person’s age for the severity of their injury and complain that they will require longer recovery time and additional medical treatment that a younger, healthier person otherwise wouldn’t need.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Have Your Back

It’s unfair for an insurance company to dispute a senior’s claim based on their age. An injury is an injury, and victims should receive the compensation they need to overcome their injuries and get back on their feet. Thus, White Law PLLC can diligently and aggressively defend the rights of victims who suffered an injury through no fault of their own and work towards securing a satisfactory settlement on our clients’ behalves.

Your age doesn’t matter, your recovery does. Let’s get started on fighting for maximum compensation on your behalf and contact (517) 316-1195 today!