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Ignored but Not Forgotten: Former Michigan Wrestlers Urge More Victims to ‘Speak Up’

Just years ago, Michigan State’s physician, Larry Nassar, was exposed for his unspeakable crimes. The strength shown by the victims of his heinous acts started a movement that would send shockwaves for years to come. Across the country, victims have been speaking up about their past abuse.

For Tad DeLuca, seeing what those gymnasts went through was all the fuel he needed to come clean about his past abuse. According to his attorneys, in 1975, Tad complained to his wrestling coach that Dr. Robert E. Anderson molested him during his medical examinations.

Instead of taking action against Dr. Anderson, coach Bill Johannesen, who was the coach at the time, humiliated Tad, removed him from the wrestling team, and stripped him of all financial assistance.

I Will Not Be Forgotten

Flash forward to 2018, and once again, Tad attempted to bring up his past abuse, stating:

“I spoke up again by letter in 2018 after hearing an NPR story about the MSU gymnasts, women who I am in awe of, and once again, the University of Michigan ignored me. I’m here today to speak up again, to let the University of Michigan know that I will not be ignored.

Tad’s 2018 letter of complaint about Dr. Anderson led to a university police investigation that was announced to the public last week. Following the announcement, two other former Michigan wrestlers, Tom Evashevski and Andy Hrovat spoke with reporters about their past experiences with Anderson, urging others to do the same.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Over the last week, our team here at White Law PLLC has been speaking with past victims of Anderson’s abuse about potentially taking legal action. Our very own, Attorney Jamie White, who represented more than 60 victims of Larry Nassar’s abuse, stated that:

“The number of potential Anderson victims is extremely troubling, and the University of Michigan and the community at large should brace itself.”

We believe that this case is evolving even more quickly than the Nassar case did, and urge any victims to find the strength to let their voice be heard. Tad hopes to see many more individuals speak up about their pasts, closing with:

“Everybody who was abused by this doctor, the doctor everyone knew was doing this, was abusing athletes and students, should speak up and let everyone know they will not be ignored. It just, it has to stop. Period.”