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U-M Medical Sexual Abuse Allegations Call for State Inquiry Build in Michigan

Sexual abuse allegations in Michigan are, unfortunately, all too familiar. In recent news, more and more men are coming forward with sexual abuse allegations against yet another University of Michigan doctor.

The new allegations include four men (so far) who have filed lawsuits against the school dating back to the 80s. The lawsuits state that Doctor Robert Anderson, now deceased, sexually abused them while they were members of the school’s sports teams.

Dr. Anderson’s Past Abuse Continue to Come to Light

It’s safe to say that with more than 100 complaints against Anderson, including lawsuits accusing the school of failing to remove Anderson from their staff, despite countless claims against his actions, the University of Michigan is currently under a microscope.

Additionally, two men spoke up about their past abuse from Anderson.

The first, JP DesCamp, stated that his first time meeting Anderson was for a physical that was required for his job in 1973. Dr. Anderson had DesCamp lie on the exam table without pants or briefs, while he fondled his genitals and rectum. DesCamp further stated that he left the medical office “feeling highly vulnerable and taken advantage of,” and that he never spoke of it again.

The second victim, Michael Connelley, a former U-M student, said Anderson sexually abused him “for years” during medical examinations at U-M.

University of Michigan’s Cooperation

In a recent interview, Michigan’s state attorney general, Dana Nessel, explained that the school (University of Michigan) must cooperate with her office before she begins an independent investigation.

Nessel said that she would welcome a request from the university to investigate the allegations, but first demanded they cooperate fully, beginning with waiving all privilege over documents and other information. Nessel ended with, “We’re happy to come in, we’re happy to have a completely objective, non-biased investigation.”

It’s Not too Late to Pursue Justice

If Dr. Robert Anderson has assaulted you or a loved one, we encourage you to speak up about your past and to look into taking legal action. What happened to the victims of Dr. Anderson should not be kicked under the rug, and speaking with an experienced Michigan sexual abuse attorney is the first step in pursuing justice.