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Can More be Done to Prevent Sexual Assault in the Medical Field?

Medical professionals are seen as heroes, as they are. Especially with the current state of the nation, medical professionals are being praised more than ever, as they should be. They are doing work that is, quite literally, helping our nation survive and get past this pandemic.

However, there are situations where medical professionals abuse their power. When doctors sexually assault patients, entire communities feel negative consequences. Not too long ago, over 150 women read victim impact statements at the trial of Larry Nassar. Nassar was Michigan State University’s osteopathic physician, where he sexually assaulted countless women and girls.

Just months later, the University of Michigan is under investigation, yet again, for another one of their former physician’s sexual assault allegations. Dr. Robert Anderson, now deceased, was the university’s doctor and athletics program physician, which is where he assaulted many male athletes over a 35-year span.

These disturbing cases shed light on the fact that there is more that can be done to prevent sexual assault in the medical field, especially in the state of Michigan.

Preventing Abuse in the Medical Field

Sexual violence impacts countless individual’s lives each year in many ways. Unfortunately, many of these situations take place in doctors’ offices. While there isn’t a lot that can be done to stop the abuse from taking place without massive changes to the surrounding laws. There are things you can do to put yourself in a situation where you are less likely to be the victim of sexual abuse.

It is NEVER okay for your physician to:

  • Examine your private areas without proper protection (gloves, sterilization, etc.)
  • Refuse to explain why they’re doing a specific procedure
  • Have you remove clothes from an area they are not examining
  • Refuse to allow you to have another individual in the room with you

Our Team is Here to Help You Move Forward

Sexual assault by a medical professional is something that many people don’t recover from on their own. At White Law PLLC, our team of compassionate Okemos personal injury attorneys understands that it can be hard to move forward following being sexually assaulted, especially when the abuse was done by a medical professional.

There are steps to take to move forward from your past and begin recovering. Call our team today (517) 316-1195 to learn more about how we can help your or your loved one over a free consultation.