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Social Media and Your Personal Injury Claim: Do’s and Don’ts

With social media becoming ingrained into our everyday life, it may be tempting to post updates about every aspect of your life—especially when you’ve been injured. Social media is always there and very tempting. These posts have become part of our routine. However, if you have been involved in an accident and are considering seeking legal action, posting on Facebook or twitter can be very detrimental to the outcome of your injury claim.

Behaviors to Avoid

Posting Details of the Incident

When it comes to your personal injury claim, it is essential that you avoid posting any details about your accident or injuries. While you may want to keep your loved ones in the loop about your life, images and details may be inconsistent with those outlined in your report and can be used against you in a court of law.

Posting About the Who is at Fault

When it comes to talking about your incident in the realm of social media, it is also important that you resist posting any information about who is at fault for your injuries. While you may make an innocent comment, any admission of personal responsibility for your injuries can diminish the value of your claim.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Keep Your Privacy

While you may be more lax with your social media accounts most of the time, it is advised that you up your privacy settings when dealing with a personal injury claim. You should set your profiles to private to avoid anything you post being taken the wrong way. It is also advised that you do not accept any requests from strangers until your case is settled.

Set Boundaries

Always remember to set ground rules with friends and family when it comes to what they can and can’t share about your injury and claims. Make it exponentially clear that they should not tag you in photos, posts, or videos that may involve your case.


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