We Are Suing Hertz for Its Role in a Wrongful Conviction

Our Response to the Wrongful Conviction of Herbert Alford

Attorney Jamie White is representing Herbert Alford in a case that is making national headlines. What’s the backstory?

In 2018, Alford was wrongly convicted of a second-degree murder that occurred in 2011. The shooting death of Michael Adams occurred in a Lansing neighborhood 20 minutes away from the airport where Alford was renting a car from Hertz. Alford could not have committed the murder because he used his credit card at the airport at 3 pm on October 18, 2011 ― 6 minutes after the murder occurred.

Alford was wrongly convicted nonetheless, facing a 30 to 60-year prison sentence.

The only evidence Alford needed to prove his innocence was the car rental receipt, but Hertz failed to cooperate. The car rental giant ignored subpoenas and court orders for years and our client had to pay the price. Despite requesting the receipt in 2015, Hertz didn’t produce the receipt until 2018.

Alford spent 5 years in custody for a crime he didn’t commit as a result. This would not have happened had Hertz promptly turned over a much-needed alibi receipt proving that our client was not responsible for the murder. Although our client’s charges were dropped in 2020 and he was exonerated, Alford still lost 5 precious years of his freedom that could have been prevented had Hertz complied in the first place.

In response to this horrifying injustice, attorney Jamie White recently filed a lawsuit against Hertz on March 9th seeking financial compensation on behalf of Alford. The suit alleges Hertz ignored 2 subpoenas and 3 court orders demanding the receipt that proved Alford did not commit the murder.

The case may take a while to progress because of the company’s bankruptcy reorganization. However, we are committed to fighting for compensation on behalf of our client no matter how long it takes. Our attorney is working tirelessly to hold Hertz accountable for its negligence and wrongdoings that ultimately lead to a false conviction. No amount of money could ever take back the 5 years Alford lost in prison, but financial compensation will significantly help our client get back up on his feet.

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